Tara Marie Cooper

Library Director
Tara Marie Cooper has worked in libraries since 2002 and holds a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science from Drexel University.

Her most recent position before coming to Johnson Public Library was managing the Main Library in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Tara has worked as a Youth Services Librarian and in various administrative and management positions in both New Jersey and Virginia public libraries.

She spends her time outside of the library with her son and friends and enjoys running and seeing live music. She resides in Bergen County.

Contact: cooper@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x24


Tara was a presenter at TEDxYouth@RVA. Check it out below.

Circulation Department

Beverly Wyche

Head of Circulation Services

Contact: Beverly.wyche@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x26

Circulation Staff

Ken Caruso - kenneth.caruso@hackensack.bccls.org

Lolita Edmund - hackcirc@hackensack.bccls.org

Braison Travis - braison.travis@hackensack.bccls.org

Rosalyn Washington - rosalyn.washington@hackensack.bccls.org

Circulation Department phone number: 201-343-4169 x10
Reference Department

Deborah Bock

Head of Reference Services

Contact: hackref@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x20

Reference Staff

Keri Adams, Head of Periodicals & Teen Librarian - keri.adams@hackensack.bccls.org or x30

Catherine Folk-Pushee, Adult Services Librarian - catherine.folk-pushee@hackensack.bccls.org or x22

Laurie Meeske, Community Relations & Outreach Librarian - laurie.meeske@hackensack.bccls.org or x17

Michelle Ferreira, Bilingual Services - michelle.ferreira@hackensack.bccls.org or x34

Melina Halpin, Reference Librarian - melina.halpin@hackensack.bccls.org or x21

Maria Gomez • Nancy Barnhouse • Kathy Cannarozzi • Radwa Ali

Reference Desk phone number: 201-343-4781
Children's Department

Mari Zigas

Head of Children's Department

Contact: mari.zigas@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x15

Children's Staff

Gavin Godbolt - gavin.godbolt@hackensack.bccls.org

Children's Department phone number: 201-343-4169 x14
Periodicals Department

Keri Adams

Head of Periodicals

keri.adams@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x30

Periodicals Staff

Dawn Mei - dawn.mei@hackensack.bccls.org

Ashley Winckowski - ashley.winckowski@hackensack.bccls.org

Periodicals Department phone number: 201-343-4169 x16
Young Adults Department

Keri Adams

Head of Young Adult Services

keri.adams@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x30

Young Adult Services Staff

Rosalie Potenza - rosalie.potenza@hackensack.bccls.org

Technical Services Department

Michael Ferrante

Head of Technical Services

hacktech@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x23

Technical Service Staff

Clarice McLaughlin - clarice.mclaughlin@hackensack.bccls.org

Technology Department

Genesis Duarte

Head of Technology

genesis.duarte@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x35

Technology Dept. Staff

Maria Gomez - maria.gomez@hackensack.bccls.org

Administration & Operations

Administation & Operations


Bookkeeper: Ann Bowen - ann.bowen@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 x25


Anthony Lombardi - anthony.lombardi@hackensack.bccls.org


Najee Anderson - najee.anderson@hackensack.bccls.org

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