Windows 10 is the charm?

Windows operating systems…where to even begin?!

I am an “Apple Fanboy(girl),” and Microsoft has some portion of the blame for why I am the way I am. I used to only use Microsoft anything because well, Apple products were (still are to an extent) luxury items, but as iPhones become the ‘socially obligatory’ phone to have, so are many other Apple products. I mean, you really can’t blame us. Apple makes everything so streamlined and easy – dummy proof even.

So where does Microsoft fit into this picture? Microsoft and its Windows 8 operating system pushed me into the welcoming and loving arms of Apple.

Okay…maybe I’m a tad melodramatic, but it is true. Nothing makes me more frustrated and annoyed than Windows 8 and it’s tiles, lack of a start button, and constant updates that no matter how many times I select ‘do not update automatically,’ it continues to update automatically.

At the library, practically all the computers run on old reliable Windows 7, but there are a couple Windows 8 PCs that drive me bananas. Windows tried too hard to make something cool and forward thinking, but failed miserably at it because frankly the tiles of the Windows 8 operating system are pretty useless for non-touchscreen computers and non-tablet devices. It’s a layout good for tablets and smartphones, but something far too drastically different, and in my opinion, unnecessary for regular desktop PCs. And don’t even get me started on Internet Explorer….see previous internet explorer post here.

Call me old fashioned, but the computer tablet merge, like the Microsoft Surface line, does not do it for me. I can either have a tablet, that in a way just seems like a larger smartphone, or I can have a computer with keys that I can push and won’t throw me off (and actually write what I want them to write). I think Microsoft was trying to push the tablet/computer integration too much and it didn’t quite work. Not to mention that when Windows 8 was released in 2012, it created an awe because it was new and sparkly, but it was a layout far too different from what we had been used to from Microsoft…and people had not yet fully embraced tablets like they have now. Sure, Microsoft was a head of the curve with its tablet feel computers, but at what cost? Windows 8 has been proclaimed a failure by me and people like me, but perhaps we are a little more ready for the tablet feel with some modifications. There is no doubt that it is the direction technology is going now – always something lighter, sleeker, thinner, touchable – but ease us into it Microsoft, will ya please?

Today, I am happy to say that I’m excited for Microsoft’s Windows 10…if only just to try new tech, but hopefully it will be a huge improvement from Windows 8. Despite being an Apple Fangirl, I am very excited to get my hands on something Windows 10 to play with it’s new features and hopefully get a better my perception of Microsoft. All the reviews claim that it is a fantastic improvement from Windows 8. A CNET review described it as: “the Goldilocks version of Microsoft’s venerable PC operating system — a “just right” compromise between the familiar dependability of Windows 7, and the forward-looking touchscreen vision of Windows 8.” Part of the “just right” compromise includes a start menu, Cortana (Microsoft’s version of Siri), a revamped internet browser which was formerly known as Codename Spartan but officially has the name Edge, and the ability to stream games from an your Xbox One to your desktop.

Microsoft is making the Windows 10 deal even sweeter by giving anyone with Windows 7 & 8 a free upgrade to 10. You can find all the details about upgrading here. You have from now until July 29, 2016 to choose to update. Some weary people may wait for more than just beta testers to try out Windows 10 and have Microsoft deal with all the bugs they will inevitably find before they try to upgrade – which is totally acceptable, in fact I recommend it.

In the meantime, it looks like I might have to commandeer my sisters computer to try out Windows 10 for myself.

A couple of windows/Microsoft memes that I really enjoyed and I hope you do too.