Welcome to STEM Games – May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!


On October 5, we held the first of our monthly STEM Games events.  These events are sponsored and run by Ildi Telegrafi of STEM Games Studio. Each month, our teens will take on a different science related design challenge, working in teams to come up with a solution to a problem. In a few months, we hope to video tape these challenges in order to edit them into episodes and post them to YouTube.  (If you think you might want to participate in the future, get a signed photo release so you’ll be ready when we start filming!)

This month’s challenge was building a marble roller coaster track that maximized the total diameter (of the loop) while minimizing the total cost.

Supplies were available to the teams, but they affected their total project cost:

  • Foam Tubing was $3.00 per foot section
  • Table was $0.10 per feet
  • Toothpicks were $0.10 each

Each team drew their design, “purchased” their materials and tested their creations (with each marble running adding $1 to their total cost tally).

The results were tallied based on a formula of Total Cost / Total Loop Diameter.  In the end, Team Slime (pictured above, center) was victorious!