Wandering in the world of digital books….

By now you should all know that I’m hooked on books.  Personally, I’m not a format snob – a book is a book whether it’s on paper, screen, or audio.  While I am partial to a good hard cover, I do enjoy listening to a clever memoir in my car and sometimes to lighten my already heavy bag, I use a tablet to read the next book on my long list of TBRs.  Although it may seem like eBooks can be found all over the internet, there really aren’t many sites that offer them free. Luckily, with your library card, you can now access books remotely on your tablet or phone without any cost to you (aka Free!).  BCCLS and JPL recently adopted Cloud Library as the go-to eBook platform.  That means that when you want to borrow an eBook, Cloud Library is your place to get it.  You can download the app on your device or visit their site on your computer.  Since this is new to most,here is a handy info-graphic with step by step instructions on how to get your hands on your next book.  I leave you with this valuable piece of information so that you too can wander around in this crazy digital world with us.

Any questions? Please visit http://johnsonlib.org/adults/digital/ebooks/ or visit us Thursdays at 11am for help