Dear Library Supporter!

Thank you for your kind interest in helping your local library.

Our staff here is represented by both Civil Service and our Union, and most of the positions require either professional degrees, or training, either on software or customer service skills for working with our unique public and challenges, therefore we do not use volunteers unless it is for a special project.  If you want me to keep simply keep your name on file for one of these projects, please send me an email.


Friends of the Library

Right now, we are seeking to create a volunteer group called “Friends of the Library.” This is a 501(c)3 fundraising/advocacy arm of the library. They raise funds by membership fees, paid events and book sales.

We first need four individuals willing to attend a three hour workshop on starting a non-profit organizations, officers of the organization.

Once we have a “Friends of the Johnson Library” established, they will need members willing to pay a membership fee, but also willing to plan events, and handle an annual or bi-annual book-sale (kind of heavy labor).

If you are interested in becoming an officer or a member of the Friends, please write to me at: and I will keep your name on file, unless we have the required four officers and group can start.

Sharon Castanteen
Library Director