Enjoy free unlimited access to The New York Times online at the library!

To start accessing online:

  1. Connect to the library’s wifi (JPL Wireless) or log-in to one of the library’s internet computers.

  2. Register or log in at nytimes.com/register

  3. You can now enjoy unlimited access to NYTimes.com on any device during your visit to the library

Want to enjoy The New York Times from the comfort of your home or on the go?

To start accessing anywhere:

  1. Click on the following link to access The New York Times: JPL ACCESS TO NYTIMES.COM HERE.

  2. When prompted for a digital access code, use the following code: 27cf444e7ca54ba8

  3. If you have a NYTimes.com account, you can sign in and have access. If you have not registered with NYTimes.com, register to get access to the paper.

Each time you redeem the code, you will have unlimited access for 72 hours. Once the 72 hours have elapsed, you can enter the code again to continue your access to The New York Times.

Have questions? Speak with the Reference Department to find out more.