Black History Month: Your New Required Reading List

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Hittin’ the Books with Liz 

I’m sure you clicked on this article half expecting to find the same authors we almost always see recommended for Black History Month reading. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint, but as a consolation,  I am here to offer you a selection of great literature that will expand our sense of the literary landscape.  On this list you’ll find well known award winning fiction (Toni Morrison), hard-hitting graphic novels (John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell), and for those with a shorter attention span (myself included) collections of writing (Jesmyn Ward).  While actors, musicians, and political figures all contribute towards a wide range of history for Black History Month, the narratives that these authors share in today’s society paint a vivid picture and exude a different force in itself.  Explore these narratives for yourself this month and those to come. 

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