Death of Internet Explorer…sorta.

So there’s been big news in the tech world today and it has to do with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is being killed off my Microsoft….but not in such a dramatic way as you would thing. “Project Spartan” is the codename of the new internet browser Microsoft has newly created to accompany its WindowsContinue Reading

All I want for Christmas is….

More Harry Potter! J.K. Rowling is my Santa – she has answered my wish and that of my fellow Potterheads! Between December 12th and the 23rd – thats starting this friday! – will be releasing holiday surprises along with several new entries by J.K. Rowling! via   OH HAPPY DAY!

Welcome to JPL’s new site!

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The librarians and staff members at JPL have between them a wealth of knowledge, experience, and little tidbits and we’re just dying to share them with you. That’s why from here on, you can expect to see blog posts loaded here frequently that aim to further our mission: encourage life-long habits, self-improvement, and self-expression!

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