New year, New Memes

So it is the New Year and I’ve really neglected the library blog so I have decided to make myself post things on the blog again. Internet memes (not memays) fill my life with so much joy. If I’m bored, memes. If I’m tired, memes. If I am angry, memes. If I am stuck inContinue Reading

It’s the holiday season

The holiday season is upon us! I don’t know about you, but I truly feel like this is the most wonderful time of the year. If you don’t already know, Hoopla is a great service provided by the library that offers free music, movies, tv shows, e-books, comics, and audiobooks. There is so much goodContinue Reading

Windows 10 is the charm?

Windows operating systems…where to even begin?! I am an “Apple Fanboy(girl),” and Microsoft has some portion of the blame for why I am the way I am. I used to only use Microsoft anything because well, Apple products were (still are to an extent) luxury items, but as iPhones become the ‘socially obligatory’ phone to have,Continue Reading

Some laughs for you

Cartoonist Paul Merklein will present “Aging Creatively” on Wednesday, August 19 at 7:00 pm. Paul will challenge adults to use their talents and abilities to benefit others and themselves in this incredibly entertaining program. Registration is now open for this program here. Make sure to save your seat for this super fun event. To getContinue Reading

What’s all the Hoopla About?!

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We have been, or at least i have been, a little over due for a new post. You may or may not know (although I really really hope you do) that we offer a service called Hoopla – think Netflix but for free. The Johnson Public library has offered this service for a while now,Continue Reading

Winter is Coming (on Game of Thrones)

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You can official count down the days until the new Game of Thrones season on your hands AND I’M SO EXCITED. If you already watch Games of Thrones, you are probably on the same boat as I am, but if you don’t watch Game of Thrones (GoT), trust me: believe the hype; it’s worth the watch…andContinue Reading

Death of Internet Explorer…sorta.

So there’s been big news in the tech world today and it has to do with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is being killed off my Microsoft….but not in such a dramatic way as you would thing. “Project Spartan” is the codename of the new internet browser Microsoft has newly created to accompany its WindowsContinue Reading

All I want for Christmas is….

More Harry Potter! J.K. Rowling is my Santa – she has answered my wish and that of my fellow Potterheads! Between December 12th and the 23rd – thats starting this friday! – will be releasing holiday surprises along with several new entries by J.K. Rowling! via   OH HAPPY DAY!

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