Zinio Magazines

With your library card, you can download from over 100 popular magazines including Bloomberg Business Week, Martha Stewart Living, Popular Science, National Geographic, Prevention, and so many more! You can read directly from your browser or from the zinio app for iOS, Kindle Fire, and Android devices.

Once you set up your accounts, browsing and reading free magazines are super easy. But getting those accounts up and running requires a few steps, so pay attention.

You will create a total of TWO (2) accounts; a Library Collection account to check out magazines; and a Zinio.com Reader account to read checked out magazines via streaming online with computers and/or downloaded offline via mobile apps. 

Account #1: Library Collection account

Follow this link to the BCCLS Zinio Collection. On the upper-right corner, click on Create New Account and follow the steps to make your account. You’ll also need to have your library card handy to put in your member ID (the barcode) Please be careful to choose a password you will remember!

When you’ve done this, congratulations! You’ve created your library collection account and can browse and borrow as many magazine issues as you want. Hurrah!

Now you’ll want t make your 2nd account, the Zinio.com Reader account. You must do this because otherwise, you have no way to enjoy all those magazines you just got!

Account #2: Zinio.com Reader account

Follow this link to Zinio.com. On the upper-right corner, click on Sign Up and follow the steps to make your account. Very important: You have to use the same email address for both accounts!!! This is how Zinio.com knows to make all those free magazines available to you.

And voila! Now that you have both accounts set up, you can browse and borrow as many magazine issues as you want from the BCCLS Collection page. To enjoy all those goodies, you can either hop onto Zinio.com to read in your browser (no finicky downloads required…yay!) OR you can use the Zinio app for your mobile device.

Get the app:

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Windows 8 Kindle Fire