I started out in libraries 32 years ago as a library assistant in a children’s department. It was supposed to be an “in-between- teaching- jobs kind of thing, but I fell in love with libraries the first day. I felt like we were receptive, warm and immense with potential for what we can do for children who walked in our doors. And we had wall to wall children coming through for help and for something to read, and for fun, art, homework help, and ear to listen. Fast forward 32 years and I meet a young man at my gym who hugs me as soon as he sees me…”My librarian!” He turns to his girlfriend and tells her proudly…this is my librarian, she’s the one that got me into reading and writing (he is now a published author). I clearly remembered this boy once he told me his name (an unusual name) and smiled as I remembered throwing him out the library for disruptive behavior almost every day. You never know the effect you’re going to have on someone’s life.

Later on, when I started working in Hackensack with adults, I had the same experiences, with people telling me: I couldn’t have gotten my law degree without you. I could never have afforded the LSAT prep books! Or “I tell people I attended the University of the Johnson Public Library” from a man who worked his way with our help to a teaching degree at middle age. Now I mostly manage a staff and work closely with the Board of Trustees on budgeting and advocacy. But I know that everything I do for the library is filtering down to change someone’s life. We all know this for sure, we hear it every day.

My reading tastes fall to non-fiction in the areas of popular science and psychology, and also novels about intimate feelings and relationships. I don’t like the pejorative term: “chick lit”. To paraphrase Jennifer Weiner, if a man wrote about intimate feelings and relationships, it would get serious critical attention, not “beach read”.

I’m very interested in music, I write songs for the guitar, play the guitar and (when I have time) sing in a choral group, sing along at a folk festival, or do a house concert with mostly friends.