I am new to public libraries. I began my career as an archivist, cataloging objects for a small museum. My favorite part of being a librarian is interacting with people at the Reference Desk. I especially enjoy helping someone find just the right book. I am an avid reader of both fiction and nonfiction. My Just the Facts: Nonfiction Only Book Group gives me the chance to discuss some amazing books with some fascinating people. Histories and biographies are favorites of mine. I also enjoy fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy. (After all that serious nonfiction I need a little vacation from reality).

When I’m not reading, I indulge my love of animals by volunteering with a local cat rescue. My most memorable experience was searching under a house to rescue a tiny kitten from a small spider filled crawlspace. Truthfully, I prefer reading about adventures while curled up in my comfy chair; but I’m always willing to venture forth to help you find that special book you need.